• KILOGEAR CUT Is Safe For Young Athletes

    KILOGEAR CUT Is Safe For Young Athletes
    We are often are asked, “How early can my son or daughter start training in KILOGEAR CUT?” We point to experts in the medical field, such as The Mayo Clinic, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, as well as almost every United...
  • Will KGC Bulk Me Up?

    Will KGC Bulk Me Up?
    A lot of women ask me if KILOGEAR CUT is going to "bulk me up". I hear this all the time, "Is this going to make me bigger? I don't want to look bigger." I laugh and tell them NO and I try to explain the science behind KILOGEAR CUT.   The reason they ask me this is because most people understand that lifting heavy...
  • The Awesome Science Behind KILOGEAR CUT!

    The Awesome Science Behind KILOGEAR CUT!
    The science behind KILOGEAR CUT is based on physics and the laws of gravity. KILOGEAR CUT has revolutionized resistance and strength training. Our patent pending weight system evenly distributes the weights on the body's extremities such as the arms and the legs. The location of the weights work with gravity, requiring the body to work harder to move that additional load, burning even more...
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