Women's Perfect Balance Weighted Short Sleeve
The Women's Weighted Compression Short Sleeve is made from our custom recycled polyester, with built-in moisture management. Each arm has two weight pockets that can hold two (single stacked) or four (double stacked) KILOGEAR CUT Steady weights. Features: Breathable fabric is perfect...
from $85.00
  • NAVY
Women's Ultimate Weighted Legging
Every woman should own our Ultimate LifeStyle weighted leggings!  All of our leggings are amazing, these allow for you to move from your workouts to work. They are soft, comfortable and not only look good, they make you BE GOOD!...
from $99.00
  • Black
  • Teal
KILOGEAR CUT HIIT Weighted Arm Bands
Sold in pairs (sets of two).   Our HIIT weighted Arm Bands are meant to take your training to the next level. Like all of our weighted products, the weights are comfortably position over the larger muscle belly in the forearm....
from $30.00
KILOGEAR CUT HIIT Weighted Leg Bands
Sold in Pairs (sets of two). Our HIIT Weighted Leg Bands are perfect for your dynamic HIIT classes. Pair them with our weighted shorts and you'll really get your sweat on! Like all of our weighted gear, they are sold...
from $40.00
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