APEX1 Volleyball Training Gear Features

  • Doctor Designed.
  • Evenly Distributed Weight System.
  • Activates Key Muscle Groups.
  • Comfortable & Safe.
  • Strengthens Under Developed Muscles.

APEX1 players will begin training in the gear half loaded. Athletes can progress to a full load once they can complete a series of full workouts wearing the gear.

Kilogear Cut Tops

Muscle Groups Activated: Core, Biceps, Triceps, Back, Shoulders, Forearms

  • Improved agility and strength.
  • Develop stronger arms for shooting, serving and spiking.
  • More forceful forward and upward arm movements.
  • Improves moving forward, backward and side to side, core helps make quick changes in direction and keeps you balanced and stable.
  • Increased range of motion for trunk rotation and quick pivots.
  • More powerful and accurate upward arm movements.
  • Stronger back muscles keep arms from moving back when blocking a ball – helping further stabilization.
  • Decreases the rates of back and lower extremity injury.
  • Improved ball control and strong arms.
  • Pivot and turn quickly.

Kilogear Cut Bottoms

Muscle Groups Activated: Glutes, Hips, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves

  • Increase explosive bursts of power.
  • Increase vertical lift and leaps.
  • Increase footwork so your feet and legs never tire.
  • Power from legs improves jumping and pivoting.
  • Increased velocity of the ball.
  • Increased endurance.

Kilogear Cut Combination

  • Increase Peak Performance (Play Stronger for Longer).
  • Reach higher peak performance levels.
  • Be faster consistently.

Training in the KILOGEAR weighted top and bottom combinations increase the synchronization of the kinetic chain. The power behind explosive movement is generated through a series of body segments (kinetic chain). KILOGEAR helps implement increased velocity by training the entire body to be in more control, stronger and faster. The KILOGEAR combination set trains your feet to push against the ground to run, jump and shuffle stronger and faster. The strength and power developed by KILOGEAR increases the amount of energy created and stored. That power is then transferred to the major muscles from the lower legs, upper legs, hips, trunk, shoulders, upper arms, forearms and finally to the hand.

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