KILOGEAR CUT for Baseball

KILOGEAR CUT weighted tops and bottoms activate the major muscle groups critical to all field positions.

Our revolutionary gear helps players realize improved body control, functional strength, power andincreased speed. Players that train in our gear play stronger for longer and experience:

  • Increase throwing power and velocity
  • Increase in accurate throws
  • Develop explosive speed and acceleration
  • Increase bat speed and power
  • Faster changes in direction
  • Increase peak performance
  • Stronger command and control
  • Improved pitching mechanics

“KILOGEAR CUT can speed up fitness levels for any position. Pitcherswill no doubt benefit. However, baserunners who train in the gear,working on getting jumps to steal second will feel more explosive,but more importantly, actually BE more explosive.”

John Stuper, Yale Baseball


  • Doctor Designed Evenly Distributed Weight System.
  • Targets Upper body, Core and Lower Body Muscle Groups.
  • Removable & Scalable Weight System.
  • Revolutionary Advanced Compression Technology.
  • Built In Resistance Weight Training.
  • Comfortable and Safe to Wear During Practice.
  • Improves Functional Strength For Each Position.
  • Develops Functional Position Specific Strength.
  • ➤ Wearing our WEIGHTED gear during drills and practice, increasesfunctional strength in sport and position specific movements.
  • ➤ Pitchers and field players yield increased stamina andendurance, functional strength and power, improved stabilityand mobility, as well as increased speed and agility.
  • ZERO Biomechanical Changes in the Body.
  • ➤ Our weights safely and comfortably sit on the larger musclebellies on the arms and legs.
  • ➤ This extra weight requires the athlete to work harder, with zerobiomechanics changes in the body.
  • ➤ The gear recruits more muscle fibers, which results inincreased performance.
  • Increased Core Strength, Resulting in Improved Static Strength and Accurate Throws.
  • ➤ Our weighted tops activate and strengthen shoulder andarm muscles resulting in improved throwing follow-through, and increased velocity.
  • ➤ Great gear for improving receivers arm strength too!
  • Stronger Command and Control.
  • ➤ Consistently targeting the core muscles, leads to increased agilityand mobility, resulting in faster changes in direction, as well asincreased rotation movements and increased control of bodyposition for the purpose of generating optimum power andtransfer of force along the kinetic chain.
  • Increased Batting Performance.
  • ➤ Our weighted bottoms target the lower body musclesresponsible for providing the body with the drive and power asyou step into hitting the ball or making a the throw.
  • ➤ Athlete's yield increased functional leg and hip strength forrunning, jumping, and stealing bases.

KILOGEAR CUT increases your training efficiency, allowing more time for technique andinstruction.

Get more out of your training and time by training smarter, train in KILOGEAR CUT.

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One Time Video Analysis


w/ ‘spring training’ special of $100

I analyze your son’s video and send you a detailed evaluation via email, along with a video of me demonstrating the adjustments that I feel need to be made. You may feel one video “exchange” is enough. If so, that’s fine.

The video should include 25 pitches, 15 from behind the pitcher, and 10 from the side with the pitcher’s face towards the camera.

Three Time Video Analysis


w/ ‘spring training’ special of $250

You send me three videos, from three different bullpen sessions. I analyze the first video and send back my evaluation and my demonstration video. You try to implement the changes while taking a second video. Then a third video. I evaluate and demonstrate for those as well.

All videos should include 25 pitches, 15 from behind the pitcher, and 10 from the side with the pitcher’s face towards the camera.

Five Time Video Analysis


w/ ‘spring training’ special of $400

The five video package is just like the other two, except after the 5th video, we will hold a zoom call with you and your son to explain anything further, and answer any questions you may have. Parents encouraged to take part in that.

All videos should include 25 pitches, 15 from behind the pitcher, and 10 from the side with the pitcher’s face towards the camera.

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