Do you run out of gas during competition?

Do you want to jump higher? Be Faster?      

All you need is KILOGEAR CUT and our KILOGEAR FItness app! NO gym membership required!!

Train anywhere, any time, from home! KILOGEAR Fitness targets key muscle groups to improve core strength, mobility, stability, agility, power, and power endurance.

On-Site Workshops

KILOGEAR Fitness fires up and revs up your dancers. The goal of our fitness workshops is to re-energize your studio and get them on a conditioning plan. Our boot camp workshops are based in science and specifically designed to teach Irish dancers the best ways to cross train for Irish dance. We recommend studios schedule at least three boot camp workshops per year. We help your dancers increase core strength, overall body strength power and power endurance leading up to the major championships.

KILOGEAR Summer Series

KILOGEAR Fitness is coming to a city near you this SUMMER !!

3 Day Commuter or Sleepover Fitness Boot Camp designed for all athletes, not just Irish Dancers.

  • Campers complete a KILOGEAR Fitness assessment and experience an entire KILOGEAR Fitness exercise program, group exercises and fun activities that help them mentally and physically prepare to be the best athlete they can be.