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The Cape Cod Field Hockey short sleeve does not come with any weights. If you need to purchase weights, select the weight kit after you select the size and color.

Athletes should start training in the gear "half loaded" and move to fully loaded after   you can complete an entire practice in the half load. High School athletes can start wearing the full load in the short sleeves sooner than later.

The long sleeve weighted shrug is an awesome tool for high school players as well. 

The weighted short sleeve top has the capacity to carry two STEADY Weights (2 x 1/4 lb weights per arm) or 1/2 pound total per arm.  The weighted shorts will have the capacity to carry two STRONG weights (2 x 1/2 lb weights per leg) or 1 pound total per leg.


  • Breathable & Moisture Wicking Compression Fabric
  • Responsive 4 Way Stretch
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CCFHC Weighted Short Sleeve
8 / White / No Weights - I already own weights - $50.00
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