Omega Field Hockey Starter Kit


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The Omega Field Hockey Start Kit has been exclusively created for the Omega Field Hockey Team. It includes a fully loaded black short sleeve top with the Omega Yellow Thread piped throughout and a  fully loaded black short with yellow threading in the legs! 

After you place your order, a member of KILOGEAR CUT team will reach out to you in regards to the size top and bottom needed for your athlete.

Athletes should start training in the gear "half loaded" and move to fully loaded within a few weeks.  

The weighted short sleeve top will have the capacity to carry two STEADY Weights (2 x 1/4 lb weights per arm) or 1/2 pound total per arm.  The weighted shorts will have the capacity to carry two STRONG weights (2 x 1/2 lb weights per leg) or 1 pound total per leg.


  • Breathable & Moisture Wicking Compression Fabric
  • Responsive 4 Way Stretch
  • Fully loaded set of weights for the top
  • Fully loaded set of weights for the shorts
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