Teen Vibes Starter Kit


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KILOGEAR CUT is DOCTOR-DESIGNED weighted training gear, worn by professional, olympic and competitive athletes of all ages. Wearing our weighted gear during practice and conditioning results in increased power, strength, endurance, explosiveness, mobility and stability.

The TEEN VIBES Starter kit includes:

  • KILOGEAR CUT Weighted Crop Top
  • KILOGEAR CUT Weighted Fashion Short
  • (STEADY Weights not included)

The KILOGEAR CUT Weighted Crop top has two built-in weight pockets on each arm that hold the KILOGEAR CUT Steady Weights (1 per pocket).

The KILOGEAR CUT Weighted Fashion Short has one pocket per let and can hold up to four STEADY weights. For sizes 8, 10 and 12, participants will receive our Rapid Performance Short.


  1. Use CODE:  TEENVIBES @checkout so you are not charged shipping.
  2. We will have weights to be used during the photoshoot.
  3. If you would like top purchase more weights, purchase Steady Weights, click here:  https://kilogearcut.com/collections/weights/products/kilogear-steady-25lb-4-weights
  4. You are also welcome to purchase additional gear for the photoshoot.
  5. Post a picture from the photoshoot, in the gear and tag @KILOGEARCUT


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