Girls Compression Shorts

Girls Compression Shorts

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  • No weights
  • Strong 2 (Half Load) - add $25
  • Strong 4 (Full Load) - add $40

*** Only available in Black. There are no other color options currently available. ***

The majority of a dancer’s power comes from their hip and core strength. These shorts are specifically designed to activate these muscle groups and increase mobility. The athlete dancer will build strength, maximizing their power and the speed of their movements. Dancing with this added weight will challenge any dancer to stay in time, while also increasing their stamina. 

Each leg has two internal pockets to carry 2 KILOGEAR Strong weights that weigh .50 pounds each.

Weight Kits:

Strong 2 = Half-Loaded (1 weight each leg,  1/2 Pound Per Leg)
Strong 4 = Fully-Loaded (2 weights each leg, 1 Pound Per Leg)

Size Guide:


  • Age 10 (Small)
  • Age 12 (Medium)
  • Age 14 (Large)
  • Age 16 = Women's Small 

Adult Sizes Below:

Important:  When Choosing Your Size. If you are in between sizes its always best to go UP a size.