KILOGEAR CUT is the most advanced weighted gear in the world.

Uniquely designed for the athlete, KILOGEAR CUT targets key muscle groups, training the entire body, so the athlete can concentrate on mastering their overall performance.

KILOGEAR was founded by a former D1 All American NCAA college athlete and her husband, a former military officer and successful tech executive.

KILOGEAR CUT is the most advanced weighted gear in the world

The inspiration behind KILOGEAR CUT came from the Irish dance community. Chloey Turner and Kincaid Stringer, both former dancers of the Grammy award winning and international phenomenon Riverdance, were instrumental in the development of the line. Chloey spent years as the Principal lead dancer in Riverdance and is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the Riverdance, summer school.

“I’m known as a dancer, but I am an athlete first. All dancers are. It takes an incredible amount of athleticism to pull off Irish Dancing. What do dancers want? They want to be stronger, faster, more agile. KILOGEAR CUT will help them do that without them even knowing it.” - Chloey Turner.

Kincaid Stringer

"Irish Dancers spend hours working on one body part, typically neglecting their upper body and core. KILOGEAR CUT solves this problem.” - Kincaid Stringer.

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