KILOGEAR is a family of weighted performance products and gear. The science behind adding load to the body is real. KILOGEAR's patent pending weight system allows a person to add incremental loads to the body for both training purposes.

What Kind of Results Will I Get?

We kind of already said this above, but it is important that everyone understand that results will vary. Training in KILOGEAR CUT will build up stamina, endurance and help the development of many muscle groups. However, your results depend on how often you wear KILOGEAR CUT and how you train in KILOGEAR CUT.

The use of KILOGEAR CUT in a manner other than its intended use is not recommended and may result in serious injury to you. KILOGEAR CUT, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for improperly using any KILOGEAR CUT products so don’t come running.  Feel free to consult your physician before using KILOGEAR CUT for any training purposes. This is serious technology. So if you have heart or other medical problems, use of this equipment may cause serious personal injury. Like we need to say this but please immediately stop using KILOGEAR CUT during exercise if you feel dizzy, faint, or short of breath. Get looked at someone.


KILOGEAR CUT will last if you pay attention and stick to the following rules. If you do, you and your KILOGEAR CUT will have a long and happy life together.

  • Remove the weights and set aside for washing
  • Machine wash the garments inside out, with similar color garments and in cold water
  • Air dry garments like in the old days - (no machine dry)
  • Spot clean weights with a cloth, a little soap and water
  • The weights have an oil cover to keep them shiny. If they sweat, just wipe them down.


  • Avoid washing garments with denim and other garments with zippers or velcro.
  • Avoid washing KILOGEAR CUT with hoodies and towels
  • Avoid using fabric softener. It inhibits the fabric.
  • Avoid washing the weights in the washing machine!

What Are the Weights Made From?

KILOGEAR weights are made from a non-toxic steel and silicone.

What are the Weight Sizes and Kits Available?

The KILOGEAR CUT “Steady” Weight measures 2x3 inches and weighs .25 pounds each.
The KILOGEAR CUT “Strong” Weight measures 2x6 inches and weighs .50 pounds each.




How Much Weight Should I Use?

We recommend using the lightest configuration at first. Consult with your doctor, trainer or coach for direction. KILOGEAR CUT can be worn during the day or during your training. We recommend starting at the lowest level and adding weight over time and as you become comfortable wearing KILOGEAR CUT. The incremental weighting system allows you to get the more out of your daily or training activities by requiring your body to work slightly harder when executing tasks. This slight and incremental load over time and during exercises has a greater impact than wearing a significant amount of weight during a short period of time.

Is it Easy to Load and Unload KILOGEAR CUT Weights From My KILOGEAR CUT Garments?

Adding and removing weight to and from KILOGEAR CUT is easy. Individual weights can be removed by turning the garment inside out, opening the KILOGEAR CUT pocket and pulling the weight out. To insert, simply slide the weight back into the pocket.

Will the Weights Bounce or Jump?

KILOGEAR CUT’s patent pending designs limits bounce. The design also provides for full body flexibility and movements on both the vertical and horizontal plane. In addition to the design and compression, we added an internal "lip" or cover with every pocket. Once you insert the weight, you pull over the tight little cover to keep the weight secure in the pocket.

Can I wear KILOGEAR CUT Under a Shirt or Blouse?

Sure Thing! KILOGEAR CUT’s fabrics and design make it comfortable to wear during the day. The thin and nimble weight system make KILOGEAR CUT nearly undetectable.

What is the Difference Between KILOGEAR Weights and Other Weights?

Sand based weights are filled with sand or stones. These antiquated systems are bulky, ugly and not long lasting. Sand is not flexible, nor does it mold to the body. Steel based products are either made from steel or powder coated iron or other hard metals. These products are hard against the body, do not flex or mold to the body. Other weighted gear may use gels or pads that require heating or cooling. KILOGEAR weights combine steel and silicone to produce the most comfortable and moldable weight for the body.

Shipping & Delivery:

Once you place your order, our team organizes all orders for each studio and will ship in one shipment. Estimated shipping for the pre-sale will be at the end of March. Individual orders (not placed with a studio) will ship the last week in March.

KILOGEAR CUT weights will ship in early April, after the garment pre-sale is closed out.

Exchange Policy:

Q) What is KILOGEAR CUT CUT’s Return Policy?

A) We are happy to exchange sizes, as long as the tags are kept on. For the pre-sale, your studio will help facilitate exchanges.

Q) How Do I Start the Exchange Process?

A) Email us at customercare@KILOGEAR.com with the subject line titled: “Exchange”. Products must be in their original condition, in the original packaging, and have all tags and stickers still attached. We will email you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form to provide the studio. The RMA must accompany all returned items. Warranty is void if any item has any tags, serial number or warranty sticker removed. Warranty is void if any item has physical damage.

Q) When Can I expect My Exchange?

A) Once we receive your exchange request, we will reach out to you right away and work with your studio to facilitate the process and get the size you need. When we launch our full line, our return policy will be more relaxed and timely.