Boy's Elite Weighted Compression Shorts

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For nearly all sports, the majority of power starts with the legs, hip and core. Our weighted compression shorts are specifically designed to activate these muscle groups so you can increase strength, mobility and the speed of your movements. Training in these shorts will increase stamina and overall endurance. 

Each leg has the capacity to carry 2 KILOGEAR Strong weights that weigh .50 pounds each.

Half Loaded Kit:  Strong 2  (1 Strong per leg yields 1/2 Pound Per Leg)

Fully Loaded Kit:  Strong 4  (2 Strong weights on each leg yields 1 Pound Per Leg)

We are basing sizes on child's age:  

Age 10 (Small)
Age 12 (Medium)
Age 14 (Large)
Age 16 (X-Large)

Important:  When Choosing Your Size. If you are in between sizes its always best to go UP a size.

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